Anabelle Lucantonio
Debic Ambassador

Anabelle Lucantonio

World Pastry Queen 2018

"The patisserie world chose me, not the other way round."

Anabelle Lucantonio


Originally, Anabelle Lucantonio wanted to go into the theatre, but the moment she walked into a pastry school, she knew that this was where she belonged. She successfully enrolled into the prestigious École Grégoire-Ferrandi. For Anabelle, competition is the best way to improve yourself. "I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself. You won’t learn anything new in your comfort zone." Her colleague Pascal Molines challenged her to participate in The Pastry Queen World Championship. "At first, I didn’t think I had what it takes, but then I thought: you can only learn from it. That’s why I signed up for the adventure." And successfully so, as in 2018, she won the title of World Champion.

Anabelle Lucantonio
Anabelle chooses Debic for a good reason. "I like to make products in which the whipped cream is visible, so I need my cream to stay firm and have a great colour. And of course, taste is important too."
Anabelle Lucantonio World Pastry Queen 2018

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