Easter egg techniques

In many countries, the use of eggs during Easter is a centuries-old tradition. During these days we also eat a lot of eggs together worldwide. On average, we eat 2 eggs more during Easter than usual.

Easter egg

Easter traditions

In Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany, eggs are painted and hidden so that they can be searched for. In Greece, the eggs are boiled and painted red to play a game by smashing the eggs against each other, whose egg remains whole has won. When a young man and a young woman meet in the Czech Republic at Easter, a very special 'barter' takes place. He symbolically 'beats' her with an Easter rod of braided and decorated willow branches. This would give her some of the power and life energy of the tree and stay healthy and happy all year round. She thanks him with a colorfully painted Easter egg.

Give eggs a nice twist during Easter

The shape of an egg is known to everyone. But as a chef you can bring an egg in different shapes! Think of preparations with hot or cold techniques. You can turn an egg into an omelette or scrambled eggs, but you can also freeze an egg. Below we cover a number of techniques and addings so you can give the eggs a nice twist during Easter. 

.-19 °C cooked egg yolk

By freezing an egg in its entirety and then gently thawing and rinsing away the egg white with water, a cream-like structure of egg yolk is created.

Cream egg sunny side up

Mix 50 ml of whipped cream together with 180 grams of pasteurized egg white and season with 2 grams of salt. Cook in the oven at 90 °C for 30 minutes. cool back and stick out with a plug. Serve together with the – 19 °C cooked egg yolk.

Hollandaise sauce

This French classic base sauce is an emulsion of egg yolk, gastrique and melted butter.
It is not the easiest sauce to prepare in the mise en place, therefore we share a recipe with which it is possible by means of a siphon.
250 g butter
10 ml sambai vinegar
4 egg yolks
1 egg
100 ml poultry stock
20 ml lemon juice

Melt the butter and mix with the remaining ingredients to form a homogeneous mass. Transfer into a siphon and aerate with two gas cartridges. Keep warm au bain marie at up to 75 °C.

Chicken and salmon eggs

A golden combination of chicken and salmon eggs. Remove the cap from the chicken eggs with an egg ticker. Stir in the egg and add a little cream. Bake as scrambled eggs until tender and place back in the eggshell. Finish it off with salmon eggs.

Easter inspiration
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