Minidesserts: easy and tempting!

A beautiful and tasty dessert is the capstone of the evening. It is the last chance for chefs to make an impression on guests. And it is an important impression, for after that, guests head home. How do you make sure you save enough time in the kitchen for a spectacular finale? And how do you tempt your guests to make a sweet decision?

Minidesserts: easy and tempting!

In the hospitality industry, the trick is to master the art of tempting, surprising and persuading your guests from the first moment right up to their departure. Therefore, it is important to give each course the necessary attention. With all the pressure, that is not always easy – certainly not if your team is short-handed in these days of labour shortage. Debic is glad to help!

Debic’s dessert range

Debic’s dessert range offers a liquid, fresh basis for all sorts of popular desserts. Think of the flavours of Panna cotta, Tiramisù, Crème brûlée, Chocolate mousse or Parfait. You can use these to create simple and tasty desserts and give them your own personal twist and finish. The products of our dessert range offer you a high-quality, easy and quick basis for desserts of unflagging quality at a high level.

Smaller portions

It is not only their convenience that will help you. Take a fresh look at the portions of your desserts. The trend of ‘shared dining’ is continuing: people like to share their dishes and try a little bit of everything. Not only that, but these days people are also careful about their health and their waistline. By offering a smaller version of your desserts, you may well be able to tempt your guests to order one after all. This gives you the opportunity to make an extra impression and it also gives you a nice margin.


Classics like the French crème brûlée and the Italian panna cotta and tiramisù, parfait and a delicious chocolate mousse are ideally suited to smaller portions. Try serving them in verrines. This makes for a festive assortment of desserts, which are quick and easy to prepare.

Times for eating

A minidessert is a format that lends itself particularly well to other moments of the day than the end of dinner. A little glassful of tasty sweetness is a fine end to lunch, goes well with a cup of coffee or is appropriate for bar food. Moreover, minidesserts are ideal for catering or in a selection served at meetings.


Minidesserts give you a nice margin, they are a tasty and high-quality calling card and are quick and easy to prepare thanks to the Debic dessert range. This turns desserts from a chore into a chance to shine!

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