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Dairy cream with sugar in spraycan

  • The perfect cream blob in a wink of an eye
  • For hot and cold applications
  • Real cream taste
  • In a matter of seconds you have a creamy finishing touch for all cold and warm desserts, fruit salads, ice cream, coffee and hot chocolate. Just shake the can, hold it upside down and press the button. The spray can is airtight and so guarantees high product quality which is also completely hygienic.
    CREAM; liquid sugar (sugar 3%); propellants: N2O, N2; emulsifier: E471; stabiliser: carrageenan.


    • Keep between +2°C and +24°C.
    • Keep in the refrigerator 24h before use.
    • After usage clean the nozzle thoroughly and store refrigerated.
    • Even after opening Debic cream in spraycan can be confidently used until the shelf life date.

    Average nutritional value per 100g

    Of which saturated24g
    Of which sugars5.9g
    • Airy yet creamy taste and texture
    • Perfect on warm and cold applications
    • Ergonomic design, easy to operate
    • The famous Debic nozzle, for a perfect professional cream presentation
    • Quick and hygienic cleaning (tip: the nozzle can be taken out for better cleaning)
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