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Panna Cotta

  • 10 servings
  • gluten free
  • Fresh taste and smooth texture
  • Tastes like home-made
  • Quick and convenient, ready in 3 steps
  • The original Italian dessert classic made from fresh cream. Treat your guests with the fresh taste of the Italian dessert classic Panna Cotta from Debic or surprise them with your own creation.
    • PannaCotta1
      Step 1

      Hold the bottle under hot water for a few seconds, the content will pour
      out more easily
      the Panna Cotta. Do not boil!
      out more easily.

    • PannaCotta2
      Step 2

      Shake the bottle and squeeze the content in a pot or a bowl and melt
      the Panna Cotta. Do not boil!

    • PannaCotta3
      Step 3

      Flavour to taste

    • PannaCotta4
      Step 4

      Divide into portions and chill in refrigerator
      out more easily

    • PannaCotta5
      Step 5

      Garnish and serve

    Whole MILK; CREAM 42% fat (16%); sugar; gelatin (beef); glucose syrup; modified starch; emulsifier: E471; stabilisers: E339, carrageenan; vanilla flavouring.


    • Cooled storage at maximum +7°C
    • Once open, use within 4 days and store refrigerated
    • Optimal usage temperature between +2°C and +7°C

    Average nutritional value per 100g

    Energy702kJ/167 Kcal
    Of which saturated6.7g
    Of which sugars15g
    • Sustains the addition of a wide range of flavours and textures
    • Home made quality and taste
    • Fast and convenient preparation, ready in 3 steps
    • Versatile base for your own dessert creations
    • 1 bottle contains approximately 10 portions of 100g
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