Espresso cake



For 1 servings

Hazelnut sponge cake

280 g dark cassonade sugar (1)

229 g eggs

76 g icing sugar

305 g hazelnut powder

382 g egg white

61 g dark cassonade sugar (2)

153 g flour

9,2 g baking powder

153 g hazelnut oil

153 g Debic butter, Brioche

Araguani Crèmeux

566 g milk

566 g Debic Stand & Overrun

264 g egg yolk

266 g sugar

679 g dark chocolate 72%

Coffee cream

145 g coffee beans

855 g milk

9 g instant coffee powder

30 g gelatin powder 200 bloom

152 g water

1315 g white chocolate

1332 g Debic Stand & Overren

Chocolate dip

1400 g dark chocolate 865

360 g hazelnut oil

400 g grounded almonds

Coffee glaze

560 g water

850 g sugar

850 g glucose syrup

60 g gelatin powder 200 bloom

300 g water

570 g condensed milk

850 g white chocolate

12 g titan dioxide

10 g Trablitt®


Hazelnut sponge cake

Slightly whisk the eggs with the brown sugar (1). Mix with the hazelnut powder and icing sugar. whip the gg whites with the sugar (2). Combine. Add the sifted flour and baking powder. Add and mix the melted butter and oil thoroughly. Spread on a baking tray. Bake at 175°C during 20 minutes.

Araguani Crèmeux

Heat the milk, the cream, the sugar to 60°C. Add the egg yolk and bring to 85°C (anglaise). Pour over the dark chocolate and emulsify with a hand blender. Use 2 kg for the frame, the rest is for quenelles.

Coffee cream

Boil the milk and add the coffee beans. Let infuse for 15 minutes. Use 662 g infused milk and add the instant coffee. Pour over the white chocolate and emulsify with a hand blender. Add the melted gelatin mass. At 30°C fold in the semi whipped cream. Use 3,2 kg for the frame , the rest is to prepare quenelles.

Chocolate dip

Mix all ingredients and use at 30°C. Dip the cakes for 2/3 in the mixture and place on baking paper to crystalize.

Coffee glaze

Heat the water, the glucose, the sugar and the white color at 90°C. Add the condensed milk. Add the gelatin mass. Emulsify with the white chocolate, using a hand blender. Add the coffee extract. Use at 35°C.


Use a 4 cm high frame. Place in the hazelnut sponge cake. Pour the crèmeux on top of the cake and freeze. Bring in the coffee cream, deal and freeze again. Glaze the surface with the coffee glaze. Cut the cakes in desired form. Dip into the chocolate dip.

Finishing touch

Finish with the quenelles and syphon sponge cake.