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Pastry Inspiration

However tight our planning, there’s always time between preparation and serving. With Debic Stand & Overrun your clients or guests won’t notice the difference between the first or 24th hour. That gives you a wider timeframe to plan your work, a big bonus in every atelier.

How to create the perfect stand? With perfectly whipped cream


1. Fill the container of the big whisk with cream.
2. Whip the cream at the medium speed.
3. Whip the cream to the desired firmness.
4. Process


  • Make sure that the components of the planetary mixer are clean and cooled before you start to whisk the cream.
  • Whisk at medium speed for best results.
  • 20% before the proper final thickness is reached, set the machine at the highest speed.
  • Do not fill the container more than half with whipped cream.
  • Stir the whipped cream after whisking to distribute the cream which is less firm at the bottom of the container more evenly.
  • Whisk whipped cream in a cold room, otherwise you will whip warm ambient air in the cream.
  • The type of whisk you use has an impact on how long you whip the cream. More wires mean more rapid aeration, which can affect the stand. So make sure that the whisk is complete.
How to whip cream
How to whip cream


Debic Stand & Overrun is the best choice for every pastry professional. It’s perfect for fillings and decorations, has an overrun of 160%, a superb stand even after 24 hours, a constant quality and guaranteed end result.

After preparing the perfect base, you can start decoration. Check out the videos below to get inspired by different techniques used by professional pastry chefs.

The Wave
Creative decoration techniques with Debic Wave 

Tip: Use a flat nozzle to decorate and create a refined pastry. Apply the necessary strokes on the pastry in a refined movement.

Debic St. Honoré
Creative decoration techniques with Debic St. Honoré

Tip: St. Honoré gives a beautiful shape to the pastry or tart. Make sure that the cream is not whipped too loose.


Debic Swirl
Creative decoration techniques with Debic Swirl

Tip: Place the tartlet nicely in the middle of the turntable. Make a slow movement with the piping bag from inside to the outside, while the tartlet is being turned. Maintain a constant pressure on the piping bag so that the cream is distributed evenly. 

Debic Quenelle
Creative decoration techniques with Debic Quenelle

Tip: Start with a shallow, rectangular container filled half way with Debic Stand & Overrun. Use a lukewarm spoon to make the finest quenelles in two strokes.

As a pastry chef there's one thing you need, a reliably and trustworthy cream. With Debic Stand & Overrun you can create anything from soft curves to the sharpest edges you can imagine. Check out the recipes below and get inspired to create and stand out!