Getting more social is perhaps the best resolution for 2018. Have you noticed that other chefs and bakers are not all that active on Facebook? Chances are, they’re focusing on other social media such as Instagram. Instawhat? Instagram is one of the emerging social media platforms. If you’ve not heard of it before, have a chat with a young employee or your son/daughter. Why Instagram? Because this channel is ideal for showcasing your creations. Social media addict Stephanie reveals five great tips that will help you on your way.

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Create your Instagram style

Instagram is all about visual content. Text takes a back seat, which is good news if you often get lost in words. It is important, however, that you choose a clear visual style. This will make you more recognisable. This is how to create your style:

  • Create a mood board: find images that reflect your taste/style and put them together in a collage.
  • Choose 3 to 5 main colours that you will use consistently.
  • Apps like UNUM can help you define and maintain your Instagram style.
  • Always make sure that one colour from your last posted photo is always featured in the next photo.
  • Use one filter to edit your photos. And it’s best not to use one of the Instagram filters. An original filter will make you more recognisable. Adobe Lightroom or apps like VSCO make it easy to professionally edit your photos.

Use a company profile

There are plenty of reasons to use a company profile on Instagram. For example, you can add your contact details and enable people to contact you with just one click. Or the statistics, as you will gain insight into your target group (age, location etc.) and the reach of your messages. How do you turn your personal profile into a company profile on Instagram? Find out here.

Choose the right hashtags

Want to get started posting your best creations on Instagram? Then you’ll also have to get the hang of hashtags. There are two types: content hashtags and traffic hashtags.

Content hashtags help you create a story. For example, #stvalentine for products around Valentine’s Day. Traffic hashtags are popular hashtags that help you achieve more reach, such as #foodie, #foodlover and #cake. These hashtags are used a lot, so lots of people use them to search for things.

This is how to expand your reach:

  • Tag brands and other pages, because chances are those brands will then repost your message.
  • Turn your business into a 'place', then when your guests check in it will appear on their social media... and you’ll create even more reach.

Get into a routine

Spontaneous posts are often the best... but try to come up with a regular routine for your posts. It’s best to post every day, but it’s even more important to choose a number of set days and times. Is that difficult to do with your busy work schedule? Then use publishing tools such as You can use this tool to plan everything in advance.

Get more social!

Instagram is a social platform – and I mean that literally. Just looking isn’t enough. You can only be successful if you’re 'social' yourself. How do you do that? Like photos in which you are tagged, find people with similar interests via traffic hashtags such as #foodie, #chef, #pastrychef and #cheftalk... and showcase your work regularly, even behind the scenes.

How can you take better photos of your dishes, breads and cakes for Instagram and other social media? In this article you’ll find a whole range of tips & tricks. Good luck!


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