...and on the seventh day He created Pasticceria Giovanni Scaturchio. A name that is spoken in Naples with just as much pride, love and affection as la mia mamma, Diego Maradona and Dries Mertens. Founded in 1905 by Giovanni Scaturchio, this bakery is one of the most authentic pasticerrie in Naples. To not pop in for a visit would be a crime. And if there is such a thing as heaven, we definitely want to go there.

In the early morning, crowds of Neapolitans make their way to this bakery to pick up their morning shot of coffee on their way to work. Others throw culinary conventions out of the window and order one of the homemade gelati. To start with, we stick to an in-house roasted espresso, which, incidentally, is one of the strongest and best in the world! This black, liquid gold cries out for a traditional Neapolitan pastry, which happens to be one of the specialities of this pasticceria.

According to the owner, their pastries exude the energy and spirit of Napule (how the locals pronounce Napoli). Just like the Neapolitans, the pastries here are robust, full of character and refined. The boss’ declaration of love for the local delicacies leaves us longing for more. The bakery is famous for three specialities.

The Baba al Rhum, which you can also find in the fantastic Pasticceria Bellavia. Here they are available with rum, as well as Nutella, Chantilly cream or fruit.

At Scaturchio you will also find a pastry that literally overflows with deliciousness: Vesuvius cake. This pastry was invented in 1994 by the founder's descendants. It’s actually a Baba, only bigger and baked in the shape of the nearby volcano.

But la pièce de résistance is the Sfogliatella, which the locals pronounce as sjfoeljadel.

The pastry comes in a variety of versions, but the most popular one is the Sfogliatella riccia. This consists of a crispy puff-pastry crust, which is filled with a wide range of products. In this pasticceria you can find this traditional pasty filled with ricotta, almond paste and orange or lemon zest.

Visitors who prefer a milder version can best go for the Sfogliatella with pasta frolla. It looks a lot like a brioche bun, but as soon as you take the first bite you notice the creamy, soft cake texture, quickly followed by the refreshingly contrasting flavour of the ricotta-lemon zest filling.

Scaturchio proves that you can cherish tradition and embrace innovation at the same time.

Scaturchio isn’t the only business we visited during our trip to Naples. We were also inspired by another well-established bakery that embraces innovation. Find out here what we learnt at Pasticceria Bellavia.



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