It’s been around for a long time, but over the last few years it’s become increasingly difficult to ignore: Valentine’s Day. So, this post is about all things sweet, specially for all the sweethearts. How can you make irresistible Valentine’s Day desserts in no time at all? Debic Desserts is the magic word. Discover the desserts that are guaranteed to make sparks fly, like Babelutte Parfait, Tiramour and Chocolate Passion, as well as a series of tips & tricks to get your customers into the romantic Valentine’s spirit. Tip 1: start preparing now, because Wednesday 14 February will be here before you know it!

How can you get your customers to embrace the spirit of Valentine’s Day? And how can you give you turnover a boost during this period?

Tried-and-tested tips & tricks for Valentine’s Day

  • Use pink and red decoration to create an authentic Valentine's Day atmosphere in your restaurant, café or bar. For example, rose petals, ribbons, red lights, shiny berries and other fruits (the apple from the Garden of Eden), red napkins etc. Dim the main lights and use accent lighting to create more of an atmosphere. Candles and tealights are a must.
  • Give couples booking before a certain date a nice little extra, such as a discount or a small gift.
  • Give away a free Valentine's Day dinner and post about it on your Facebook page.To find out how you can use Facebook to get your followers excited about your events.
  • Change the name of your dishes so that your menu reflects the romantic atmosphere. And you don’t even need to change the recipes! Use names inspired by song titles with the word ‘love' in them. Have a look on Google for some inspiration.
  • Spend a little time finding or creating a playlist for the background music. They don’t have to be overly romantic songs. Ask the music expert in your team to create a special ‘seduction and passion’ playlist.
  • Ask customers who book in advance to request a song that means a lot to them. Play this song on the night of their reservation.
  • Arrange something extra special for lovers who are planning to propose at your restaurant. Create an impressive XL dessert or even a small and delicate dessert in which they can hide the ring.
  • Put sharing desserts on your menu. Sharing a dessert is very romantic!
  • Add desserts to your menu with red fruits (coulis), or use red food colouring. Red is the colour of love; use your plating technique to give your creations a beautiful romantic touch!

Three Valentine’s Day desserts

How do you make a Valentine's Day dessert that everyone will love – without all the effort?Here are three ideas that are guaranteed to get you great results. Download the recipes and make sure you have plenty of Debic desserts in stock, then you can get started right away!!

Chocolate Valentine with Debic Chocolate Mousse, raspberry marmelade and ganache

Chocolate passion with Debic Chocolate Mousse, cake and bubbles

TirAmour with lady fingers, Debic Tiramisu and passion fruit


Download the recipes and make sure you have plenty of Debic desserts in stock, then you can get started right away!   


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