The secrets of ice cream

Selling ice cream offers opportunities, even in times of crisis. But bakers and ice cream makers are up against big supermarkets, which is why they need to set themselves apart through the ranges and concepts they offer. Debic asked ice cream ambassadors Carles Soler (Spain) and Pascal De Deyne (Belgium) their vision on this versatile delicacy.

The secrets of ice cream 

Developing new creations

Nowadays, customers are expecting to be surprised all the time. That is why it is a good idea to not only impress with flavour and presentation, but to also offer that little bit extra. Pimped out ice cream cones with, for instance, white chocolate, will draw in clientele. Or how about ice cream with some extra crunch, be it through addition of cookies or a type of crumble? Consumers may be getting a lot more critical, but once they discover something they love, they are prepared to pay more for it.

How to get ideas? Inspiration can come from anywhere, for instance, from your social media. But remember: it is important to always include your own twist. Another source of inspiration may be children’s TV shows as this sector is constantly looking for special ways to excite and entertain

Developing new creations

“I always start by clearly defining my goal. Who am I creating for? What difficulties may I run into? What flavours and shapes do I envision?” - Carles Soler

“Flavour is my top priority. Next, I look at aspects such as the visual impact, the budget and any specific wishes. But in the end, any creation has to sell. As taste is extremely personal, we make sure as many people as possible taste a new creation while it is being developed. Only when the new flavour is appreciated by a large majority and is accessible for everyone, do we produce it for our customers."- Pascal De Deyn

Traditions in ice cream

Traditions in ice cream

Authenticity has been a trend for quite a while now. Use this, not only when communicating with your clients, but also in the creations themselves.

“Products that have been around forever, such as nougat, evoke a sense of nostalgia. They not only attract the older generation but also teach the younger generations about what came before, about their heritage.” Carles Soler
“Familiar flavours are indeed important. New and different flavours may excite for a while, but for degustations, weddings or birthdays, people always go for the classics.” Pascal De Deyne

Presentation of ice cream

How you present your ice cream, including your ice cream cakes, matters a great deal. Consumers buy with their eyes first, before they even decide to choose and taste. Your presentation is the first thing they see and will have an impact on your client’s final choice. Once your customers have tasted your ice cream and keep coming back for it, it is important to tantalize them through the visual aspect.

  • Use different colour combinations.
  • Group sorbets and ice cream separately.
  • Draw special attention to new flavours and increase their visibility.
  • Keep your trays clean and tidy at all times, even during service.
  • Get creative when decorating the trays.

Tips & tricks for growth

  • Only sell ice cream you yourself believe in. Everyone loves quality.
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors by doing something different.
  • Offer original flavour combinations, such as classics with a twist.
  • Make your own ‘variegato’ instead of buying ready-made. This is an excellent way to differentiate yourself.
  • Make sure your salon and communication are hip and trendy. Marketing and appearance have a great impact on customers.
  • Do not underestimate the power of friendliness and customer service.

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