A real treat on the tongue: Lemon flan
How do you make lemon tart? Culinary adviser André van Dongen uses Debic Crème Caramel. That's what gives it the deep, creamy taste! Discover all the...
The ultimate summer ice-cream creation
Nothing stirs the senses like home-made ice cream. The world champions in Italy know that better than anyone. In search of inspiration? This icy combination...
Seventh heaven for sweet teeth
Vanilla mousse, banana, crunch and caramel: these are the ingredients in this elegant dessert by chef Wouter van Laarhoven. Find out how to make it here.
Flashback to the Coupe du Monde: the American entremet
America's pastry skills are clear from this elegant entremet with chocolate, pecan nuts and mandarins.
The season’s first asparagus, velouté sauce and wild herbs
It’s back, the ‘creamy white gold’. The first asparagus! What is your favourite way to serve it up? Tom van Meulebrouck works his creative magic on it. Be...
Perfect chocolates? Why not?
The ‘chocolate emperor’? That's Jean-Pierre Wybauw. Bruno Van Vaerenbergh talked to him about his latest book, ‘Perfecte Pralines’ (Perfect Chocolates). Warmly...
Trendy panna cotta with ‘superfoods’
Are you already a quinoa fan? This recipe for panna cotta with yoghurt and blueberries is sure to win you over!
Making the most of Facebook and photography
Master pastry cook Niek Bossaert knows from experience: Facebook and photography are the perfect combination when it comes to attracting your customers'...


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