Joris Bijdendijk: “In RIJKS® we tell the story of the Netherlands the culinary way”
Top chef Joris Bijdendijk is fascinated by ‘slow food’. His tip? Don't cook what consumers ask for. Use what nature has to offer. Be inspired!
Chef Filip Claeys on ‘Cook and Herb’, Wim Maes' herb world
Could you do without fresh herbs? Take a peek behind the scenes of InFarm (Berlin) in the third Debic e-zine and browse through the wonderful herb world of Wim...
Sébastien Cailliau (Le Pain de Sébastien) sets the bar high for quality
Sébastien Cailliau masters the art of using simple ingredients to make a top-class product. Meet this baker with a passion for traditional bread.
Seppe Nobels (Graanmarkt 13) puts ‘urban farming’ on the map
For pure cuisine with local products, vegetables chef Seppe Nobels' Graanmarkt 13 is the place to be. Read on to find out how he keeps his ecological footprint...
Bakers and chefs are ready for the future with Food2Future
Is corporate social responsibility a challenge? Debora van Zee (Food2Future) helps bakers and chefs who want to make the leap towards a sustainable future.
Staying in shape as a chef
How do you keep your energy levels up? Chef Christophe De Koninckx (Het Pomphuis) threw his unhealthy lifestyle overboard eighteen months ago. Read his tips...
Encouraging young people to become bakers – how do you do it?
How do you make young people enthusiastic about becoming bakers? Be inspired by the views of twelve colleagues!
Dinner Exchange (Berlin): sustainability with a culinary twist
Will you be going to Berlin any time soon? If so, join Sarah and Sandra from Dinner Exchange at the table: ‘zero food waste’, the culinary way. In this...


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