Making the most of Facebook and photography
Master pastry cook Niek Bossaert knows from experience: Facebook and photography are the perfect combination when it comes to attracting your customers'...
Spicy chocolate mousse with 'boerenjongens'
Chocolate and preserved raisins: a successful combo? According to Tom van Meulebrouck, this spicy chocolate mousse is sure to be a hit. Discover the recipe.
Just out: Crème de la Crème – the best of Debic
The most inspiring book of 2015? Discover the ‘Crème de la Crème’ of Belgian cakes and pastries in the superb new publication from Debic. Bruno Van Vaerenbergh...
Crème brûlée with traditional Dutch coating
Have you heard of 'boerenmeisjes'? In this new blog post, you will find out how to put the finishing touch to your desserts with this traditional Dutch delight.
Inspiration from Athens: millefeuille with crème brûlée
Greece has a lot more to offer than souvlaki and mezze. Desserts, for instance. What about this millefeuille with crème brûlée and ice cream? Ready in five...
Belgian classic with an Italian twist
Do you like making rice pudding? Prepare the golden spoons, because here comes the recipe for vanilla risotto with mascarpone cream that will take your guests...
Fresh inspiration from French pastry cook Julien Alvarez
Meet dessert world champion Julien Alvarez. And get his recipe for fresh shortcrust pastry tartlets with hazelnuts, Cointreau and candied raspberries at the...
The petits fours ‘Fab Four’
Small is in vogue nowadays. Just think of verrines and soirée pastries, not to mention petits fours. Mini works of art bearing your stamp. Get your ideas here.


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