Indian summer with Callebaut and Debic (III): Diva
Macaron automatically means Paris. Callebaut and Debic take you there with this creation of macaron biscuit with red berries and lime crémeux.
Indian Summer with Callebaut and Debic (II): Noche
With dulce de leche, crème brûlée with pecans and crunchy shortcrust pastry, Debic and Callebaut create a heavenly sweet sin in the Indian Summer dessert...
Indian summer with Callebaut and Debic (I): Café Blanco 43
Roasted gingerbread, white coffee crémeux and blood orange: a successful combination of crunchy, smooth and fresh touches. Discover it in the brand-new dessert...
Fresh Berliners!
Do you still make Berliners? Pure nostalgia, with fresh pastry cream or home-made jam. Guest blogger Ignace Proot helps you choose the right frying fat and the...
Recipe with a rich history: Berliner Schnitzel
Sustainable ingredients can take traditional recipes to a higher level. Discover the story behind this modern Berliner Schnitzel. A schnitzel with a rich...
Where to find the best ice cream in Paris
Emmanuel Ryon and Olivier Ménard recently opened a brand-new ice-cream parlour in Paris. No time to check out their hotspot? Guest blogger Marc Thoonen tried...
Inspiration: ice-cream treats for an endless summer
‘Zomerzoet’, a recipe book with fifty fun yet simple ice-cream treats. Our favourite? White chocolate and toffee ice cream.
Two tips for using up leftover herbs
Fresh herbs dry out quickly in the refrigerator. Should you throw them out? Not with these two tips from Tom van Meulebrouck.


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