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We are Debic
We are Debic

Debic is a professional dairy brand for chefs, pastry chefs, and other foodservice professionals. A core component of any culinary masterpiece, a quality dairy product is the essential ingredient for the success of chefs and bakers. At Debic, we value your confidence and trust.

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Introducing our Brand Ambassadors -  Chef Otto & Chef Loi - photo 1819653-1 | Debic
Introducing our Brand Ambassadors - Chef Otto & Chef Loi

Debic has developed a network of global and local chefs whose experience we can draw upon when designing and innovating the tools for you to use.In Asia, the Debic Brand Ambassadors are Malaysian-born Chef Otto Tay and Chef Loi Ming Ai, winners of the prestigious Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie in 2019.

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