Blue cheese parfait

A great combination of cheese and dessert course.

Dessert parfait Cheese


Blue cheese parfait

250 g Soft blue cheese

100 ml Debic Cream 35%

600 ml Debic Parfait

Liquorice crème anglaise

500 ml Debic Crème Anglaise

2 Liquorice sticks


100 g Apple blossom

400 g Granny Smith apples

2 Liquorice sticks


Blue cheese parfait

For the parfait, melt the blue cheese in the whipping cream and then cool.

Whip the parfait in a planet mixer and add the cheese mixture.

Transfer the parfait to a piping bag.

Pipe into Flexipan moulds, smooth over and put in the freezer.

Liquorice crème anglaise

Infuse the crème anglaise with liquorice for 30 minutes over a low heat.

Pass through a fine sieve and store in a siphon.


Cut the apple into thin slices using a slicer.

Remove the parfait from the mould and place on a cold plate.

Arrange the apple slices on top of the parfait and garnish with apple blossom and a piece of liquorice.

Pipe the liquorice anglaise next to the parfait.