Chocolate mousse on a mango mirror

An inspirational recipe for delicious chocolate mousse on a mango mirror.

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Mango mirror

450 ml Debic Cream 40%

300 g mango purée

75 g cane sugar

2 g agar

Citrus salad

1 pink grapefruit

1 white grapefruit

2 oranges

2 mandarins

1 lime

Lime meringue

100 g egg whites

100 g sugar

100 g icing sugar

30 g lime zest


Chocolate mousse

Whip the Debic Mousse au Chocolat until firm.

Arrange the mousse in a dish and cover.

Allow the mousse to set in the refrigerator.

Mango mirror

Mix the Debic Cream 40% and cane sugar.

Mix in the agar.

Heat the mixture so the sugar is completely dissolved.

Mix the mango purée with the cream.

Then pour the mango cream onto cold plates to allow the mirror to set.

Keep the plates in the refrigerator.

Citrus salad

Peel and chop the citrus fruit.

Mix carefully and add a little cane sugar to taste.

Lime meringue

Beat the egg whites with the sugar until it forms stiff peaks.

Mix the icing sugar and finally add the lime zest.

Place the meringue in a piping bag and make small rosettes on a baking tray covered with greaseproof paper or a small silicone mat.

Bake at 130°C for 30 minutes.


Place a few mounds of chocolate mousse on the mango mirror.

Arrange around the citrus salad and the meringues.


Garnish with a few leaves of honey cress if desired.