Christmas chocolate mousse

with citrus structures

Debic Chocolate mousse Orange


För 10 portioner

Chocolate mousse

1 l Debic Chocolate mousse

50 ml orange liqueur

Citrus crèmeux

3 g gelatin powder

15 ml water

100 g orange juice

40 g eggs

35 g egg yolk

35 g sugar

40 g butter

12 g limoncello

Dried orange slices

1 orange


50 g marzipan

50 g roasted cocoa beans

2 oranges

50 g milk chocolate

100 g marmalade

1 tray of honey cress


Chocolate mousse

Beat the Debic Chocolate Mousse lightly in the food processor.

Mix in the orange liqueur and transfer to a piping bag.

Pipe the chocolate mousse into the desired silicone molds and leave to stiffen in the refrigerator.

Demould the chocolate mousse and keep afterwards again in the freezer.

Citrus crèmeux

Dissolve the gelatin powder in cold water.

Heat the orange juice until 60 ° C and add the eggs, yolks and sugar.

Heat further until 85 ° C and then melt the gelatin mass in it.

Mix it all and leave cool to 35 ° C.

Melt the butter in the mixture and add the limoncello last.

Keep the crémeux in the refrigerator, in a closed recipient.

Smooth the crémeux just before use.

Transfer to a piping bag.

Dried orange slices

Cut the orange into fine slices.

Arrange them in the drying tower and let dry at 55 ° C overnight.

Store the slices in a closed container.


Roll out the marzipan and cut out stars and circles.

Grind the cocoa beans finely and cut the oranges "à vif".


Melt the milk chocolate and draw a line with the help of a brush across the plate.

Place the chocolate mousse on the plate and arrange it, according to your own creativity, next to the citrus cream and other garnishes.