Double Flat Iron Steak

Recipe for 10 people

Main course Meat sukade


För 10 portioner

Flat iron steak

2 kg oyster blade

100 ml Debic Roast & Fry



Brown stock

400 g oyster blade trimmings

50 ml Debic Roast & Fry

half winter carrot (Nantes carrot)

half leek

50 g mushrooms

1 onion

2 star anise

250 ml red wine

400 ml beef stock

Pepper sauce

300 ml Debic Culinaire Original

400 ml brown stock

5 g Sichuan pepper

Fondant potatoes

600 g potatoes

300 ml beef stock

10 g thyme, leaves


2 scallions

100 g beef stew, dried


Methode Double Flat Iron Steak

Remove the silver skin and the sinew from the oyster blade.

Set 1600 grams of cleaned oyster blade aside to prepare as steaks.

Sear the oyster blade trimmings in Debic Roast & Fry.

Add the finely chopped carrot, leek, mushrooms, and onion, together with the star anise.

Deglaze with red wine and reduce to half.

Add the stock and leave to simmer until cooked through.

Pass the mixture, set the cooked oyster blade meat aside for later use, and reduce to brown stock.

Peel the potatoes and cut out cylinders using a round cutter.

Vacuum seal the potatoes and cook them at 90 °C for 30 minutes in a bain-marie or combi steamer.

Cool down the remaining oyster blade meat that you set aside when preparing the brown stock and pick it apart.

Allow to dry until crisp.

Cut the scallions into thin strips and place them in ice water.


Brown the steak in Debic Roast & Fry and allow it to rest.

Deglaze the pan with the brown stock and Debic Culinaire Original cooking cream.

Roast the Sichuan pepper in a dry skillet and add it to the sauce.

Glaze the potatoes in beef stock until caramelized around the edges.

Slice the flat iron steaks, arrange them on the plates.

Place the fondant potatoes next to them.

Serve with the sauce, the dried meat and the scallion strips.