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Brioche with rym syrup, vanilla chantilly and sweet cinnanom butter

Ambassador Leonardo Di Carlo Pastry

Leonardo Di Carlo

Pastry chef


För 25 portioner


400 g brioche flour

2 g brewer's yeast

200 g water

600 g Brioche flour

200 g Caster sugar

250 g eggs

30 g brewer's yeast

20 g malt powder

350 g Whipping cream

1 vanilla pod

18 g Fine salt

Rum syrup

500 g Icing sugar

20 g Rum 60° vol.

80 g Water

1 g Vanilla

Vanilla Chantilly

1000 g Whipping cream

90 g Invert sugar

2 g Vanilla pod

Sweet cinnamon butter

300 g Debic Crème Butter

15 g Cinnamon

300 g Cane sugar



Combine the first 3 ingredients to form a lightly mixed sponge, then leave to rest at 16/18°C for 18 hours.

When ready add the rest of the ingredients, except for the cream which is added at the end with the flavourings and salt.

Rum syrup

Mix all the ingredients together cold, then use to glaze the hot buns.

Vanilla Chantilly

Whip in a mixer at medium speed.

Then use to fill the maritozzi (sweet buns)."

Sweet cinnamon butter

Mix all the ingredients together, then spread on the brioche dough


Once the dough is ready allow to cool, then roll out to 3 mm, spread on the sweet cinnamon butter, roll up, cut, twist and place in a buttered baking tin.

Leave to rise at 26°C for 4/5 hours at 75% moisture.

Bake at 170°C for approximately 25 minutes, with the valve closed.

Glaze with the syrup while still hot, or dust with icing sugar when cold.

Decorate with whipped Chantilly rosettes.