Salad Gourmande with creamy curry dressing

Creamy Curry Salad Dressing pairs wonderfully with Salade Gourmande.

Appetizer Salad Salmón



600 g salmon, smoked

200 g bread croutons

10 x crayfish

300 g grey shrimps

200 g courgette

400 g mesclun salad

30 x asparagus, green

30 g cherry tomatoes

Creamy Curry Dressing

300 ml Debic Culinaire Végétop

5 g salt

15 g curry

15 g honey

50 ml apple vinegar



Cook the crayfish in a court-bouillon.

Roll up the smoked salmon into nice little rosettes.

Wash the salad mix.

Steam the green asparagus and leave to cool.

Quarter the cherry tomatoes and cut up the courgettes into fine bars.

Creamy Curry Dressing

Lightly heat the Debic Culinaire Vegetal together with the curry powder.

Remove from the heat and add the honey, the apple vinegar and the salt.

The dressing can be conserved in cold storage for up to 4 days.


Arrange all of the ingredients into a deep plate in an appetizing way.

Sprinkle a bit of the creamy curry dressing over the salad.

Serve extra dressing in a separate sauce terrine.