Summer Refreshing

Cake with chocolatmousse and yellow velvet

Dessert Dinner Evening


Genoise sponge cake

150 g eggs

120 g egg yolk

225 g almond powder

225 g fine sugar

150 g Debic Butter Constant

120 g flour

180 g egg white

105 g fine sugar


250 g milk chocolate 36%

200 g hazelnut paste PNP

50 g olive oil

300 g pailleté feuilletine

Mango-maracuja compote

126 g mango puree

126 g maracuja puree

30 g sugar

6 g powder gelatin

30 g water

White chocolate mousse

240 g Debic Stand & Overrun

288 g white chocolate 28%

480 g Debic Stand & Overrun

14 g gelatin powder

70 g water


70 g juicy seeds of pomegranate

Yellow velvet

200 g white chocolate 28%

200 g cocoa butter

yellow food coloring


Genoise sponge cake

Beat the eggs, egg yolk almond flour, fine sugar, melted butter and flour with paddle for 8 minutes and set a side.

Whip egg white with sugar to medium peaks.

Gently mix base with meringue.

Fill baking plate 60/40.

Bake 6-8 minutes 180°C.


Melt the chocolate witch the olive oil, mix witch hazelnut paste and add the feuilletine.

Spread a fine layer on genoise sponge.

Mango-maracuja compote

Mix water and gelatin.

Mix the puree with the sugar to dissolve.

Melt the gelatin mass and add to the fruit puree.

Pour out in silicon mold and freeze.

White chocolate mousse

Mix the water with the gelatin powder and set aside for 1 hour.

Bring 240 g Debic Stand & Overrun to boil and pour over de white chocolate.

Add the gelatin mass and blend well.

Whip the 480 g Stand & Overrun and fold in the white ganache.

Yellow velvet

Melt the white chocolate witch cocoa butter and add the yellow food coloring and blend well.


Place the layers of sponge on a tray with silicone or foil.

Cover with a fine layer of crunchy and set in a freezer.

Fill up the silicone moulds for 1/3 th with the white chocolate mousse.

Put on one frozen insert mango-maracuja.

Add 1/3 th chocolate muss and put in the second frozen insert.

Cover with the rest of the mousse and add some pomegranate seeds.

Finish with a frozen layer of genoise sponge witch crunchy.

Press well and freeze.



Demould, spray with a fine layer of yellow velvet spray at 30degreesC.

Decorate with green chocolate decoration and gold leave.