Tiramisù with amaretti biscuits, almond liqueur and apricots

With amaretti biscuits, almond liqueur, apricots and chocolate decorations.

Dessert Tiramisu Mascarpone



600 ml Debic Tiramisù

100 ml Amaretto

Amaretti base

100 g Amaretti biscuits

200 ml Amaretto


100 g Dried apricots

1 x Bourbon vanilla pods

100 ml Apricot brandy

200 g Lemon juice

100 g Sugar water (1:1)


10 x Chocolate decorations

10 g Atsina Cress



Beat the tiramisù in a planet mixer until it has the consistency of yoghurt. Transfer to a piping bag, pipe the glasses full and smooth over with a palette knife.

Store in the refrigerator until needed.

Amaretti base

Bring the almond liqueur to the boil, flambé using a cook's blowtorch and then allow to cool to room temperature.

Break the amaretti biscuits into pieces and soak in the almond liqueur.

Spoon the soaked amaretti biscuits into the bottom of the glasses.


Soak the apricots in the lemon juice and sugar water overnight.

Add the brandy, the scraped vanilla pulp and the vanilla pod to the soaked apricots and cook over low heat for half an hour until the apricots are soft.

Leave to cool and arrange them around the side of the glasses.

Mix the remaining apricots with the juices until smooth and store in a piping bag.


Garnish the tiramisù with the cress, chocolate decorations and blobs of apricot purée.