By French pastry team of the Coupe du Monde 2013

Dessert Dinner Evening


Mandarin marmelade

400 g Corsican mandarin juice

2 finely grated zests of Corsican mandarin

80 g sugar

4.8 g pectin NH

Mousse chocolat intense

92.5 g whole milk

92.5 g cream Debic Stand & Overrun (liquid)

17.5 g sugar

37.5 g egg yolks

260 g dark chocolate 64%

333 g cream Debic Stand & Overrun (whipped)

Moelleux araguani 70%

200 g Debic Stand & Overrun

100 g milk

50 g egg yolks

5 g glucose cristal

125 g dark chocolate 70%

11 g gelatin preparation

Ganache chocolat intense

57 g milk

134 g Debic Stand & Overrun

110 g dark chocolate 70%

30 g dark chocolate 81%

Glaçage chocolat

150 g water

300 g glucose

100 g sugar

80 g isomalt

300 g condensed milk

140 g gelatin preparation

250 g dark chocolate 66%

49 g pure pate cacao 100%

Chocolate biscuit

245 g sugar

281.25 g egg yolks

141 g flour T55

37.5 g cocoa powder

85 g clarified butter

12.5 g dark chocolate 80%

85 g sugar

281.25 g egg whites


125 g Debic Traditional butter

60 g unrefined cane sugar

60 g icing sugar

60 g ground almonds

15 g toasted coconut

150 g flour T55

Chocolate croustillant

300 g baked crumble

37.5 g dark chocolate 64%

11.25 g grapeseed oil

1.12 g sifted fleur de sel

11.25 g unrefined cane sugar


Mandarin marmelade

Heat the Corsican mandarin juice with the finely grated zests.

Mix the sugar with the pectin.

Add to the juice at 40°C.

Boil for 1 minute.

Leave to cool before using.

Mousse chocolat intense

Make a creme anglaise with the milk, cream, sugar and egg yolks.

Heat the mixture to 85°C.

Pour over the chopped couverture.

Mix and cool the mixture to 40°C.

Incorporate the whipped cream.

Moelleux araguani 70%

Make a creme anglaise with the cream, egg yolks, milk and glucose.

Heat the mixture to 85°C.

Pour over the chopped dark chocolate couverture and the gelatine preparation.

Mix and cool the mixture to 30°C.

Ganache chocolat intense

Heat the milk and cream. Pour over the chopped couvertures.


Glaçage chocolat

Cook a sugar syrup to 103°C with the water, glucose, sugar and isomalt.

Pour over the condensed milk.

Incorporate the gelatine preparation and mix.

Pour all this over the melted couverture and pure cacao pate.

Remix and use at 30°C.

Chocolate biscuit

Beat the sugar and egg yolks for 15 minutes.

Sift the cocoa powder with the flour. Melt the clarified butter with the dark chocolate.

Beat the second part of the sugar with the egg whites.

Incorporate the melted butter and dark chocolate into the egg yolk and sugar mass.

Incorporate the sifted flour and cocoa.

Fold into the beaten egg whites.

Bake 1 hour at 160°C in the oven.