Chocolate mousse exotique with papaya, mango and jasmine

An inspirational recipe for chocolate mousse with a taste of exotic fruits.

Dessert Mousse Mango


Chocolate mousse

500 ml Debic Chocolat Mousse

100 g passion fruit purée

Mango cream

200 g mango purée

50 g white chocolate

20 g cream butter, unsalted

Papaya jelly

200 g papaya purée

2 g agar-agar

20 g sugar

Jasmine syrup

50 ml water

50 g sugar

2 x jasmine flowers

1 x lime


500 ml whipping cream, sweetened

10 x cape gooseberries

2 x mango

5 x jasmine flowers


Jasmine syrup

Bring the water to the boil with the sugar.

Add the lime zest and jasmine flowers.

Leave to cool and infuse for at least one day.

Pass through a fine sieve.

Chocolate mousse

Whip the chocolate mousse until light and airy in the planet mixer and add the passion fruit purée.

Continue to whip briefly and transfer the mixture into a suitable container.

Store in the refrigerator.

Mango cream

Bring the purée to the boil and dissolve the white chocolate in it.

Mount with butter and then cool.

Papaya jelly

Dissolve the sugar in the papaya purée and bring to the boil with the agar.

Pour onto a thin tray and store in the refrigerator.

Cut out a slice of mango with a round cutter and marinade in the jasmine syrup.


Whip the whipping cream until light and airy and arrange on the plate with the chocolate mousse. Finish with the papaya-mango cream mousse jelly, Cape gooseberry, marinated mango and leaves and jasmine syrup.