Cream caramelized cod

Mint-pea puree & king crab

100YEARS Ambassador Thomas Bühner

Thomas Bühner

La Vie


För 10 portioner


900 g Cod

1 l water

23 g salt

80 ml Debic Roast & Fry

500 ml Debic Culinaire Original

Puree of peas with mint

1 kg peas, frozen

300 ml chicken stock

5 g mint leaves

50g parsley

50g parsley

200 ml Debic Culinaire Original

30 g Butter

King crab

1 kg king crab

200 g Debic Traditional Butter

5 g lemon peel

3 thyme, branches

200 ml sunflower oil

Pea caviar

100 g trout caviar

60 g freeze dried Peas


200 g fresh small peas


100 ml king crab stock reduction

10 pea flowers

20 mint leaves, small



Clean the cod and slice in pieces of 90 grams each.

Dissolve the salt in the water and brine the cod in water salt solution for 12 hours.

Rinse the fish under running water and pat dry.

Coat the cod in the cream, then fry lightly in butter for approximately 4 minutes.

If necessary, add a dash of cream while roasting.

Puree of peas with mint

Blanche the parsley and mint briefly.

Thaw the peas and heat the chicken stock.

Add the peas and blanched herbs to the blender.

Add the hot chicken stock.

Blender to a homogenius mass and at the end add the butter and cream.

Season to taste and pass through a fine sieve.

King crab

Boil king crab in boiling salted water for 5-6 minutes.

Cool on ice water briefly and take the meat out of the crab legs.

Vacuum pack with clarified butter, thyme and lemon peel and warm in a water bath at 65 ° C.

Take the king crab shell and chop into smaller pieces.

Heat a small part of the oil until the pot begins to smoke and sauté for 10 seconds in very hot oil.

Poor the remaining oil on top and keep warm for 2 hours at 65° C.

Poor through a fine sieve and reserve

Pea caviar

Mix the trout caviar with a few drops of water so that the individual eggs separate easily.

Blender the freeze-dried peas into a fine powder.

Fresh small peas

Blanche the peas very briefly, remove the outer shell and reserve.


Place the pea puree with mint in the middle of the plate.

Dress the caramelized cod in the center.

Pat the trout caviar dry and coat in the pea powder.

Re-heat the peas in the butter.

Granish with the trout roe, peas, crab oil & reduction and finally the fresh herbs and flowers and serve.