Fresh Easter cake

Dessert Dinner Evening


Chocolate sponge

250 g Egg whites

210 g Sugar

175 g Egg yolk

110 g Flour

45 g Potato starch

15 g cacao powder (CP-776) Crunchy base

200 g Debic Cake Gold

200 g Sugar

240 g Finely chopped pistachios

170 g Finely chopped hazelnuts Papaya compote

575 g Fresh papaya

100 g Honey

2 g Lavender

1 Vanilla pod

187 g Papaya purée Lemon bavarois

800 g Debic Crème Suisse

120 g Lemon purée Finish

36 Chocolate decorations

20 g Yellow jelly


Chocolate sponge

Beat the egg whites with the sugar. Gradually add the egg yolks.

Then fold in the flour, potato starch and cacao powder.

Spread the batter over 2 baking trays (60 cm x 40 cm).

Bake for 6 minutes at 250°C.

Crunchy base

Melt the Debic Cake Gold and mix in the remaining ingredients.

Pour the mixture into oval-shaped silicone moulds and bake for 10 minutes at 180°C.

Papaya compote

Peel the papaya and cut into cubes (1 cm x 1 cm).

Warm up the honey and fry the papaya cubes in it.

Add the lavender and the split vanilla pod.

Deglaze with papaya purée and simmer over a low heat for 5 minutes.

Leave to cool.

Lemon bavarois

Whip the Debic Crème Suisse until light and airy.

Mix in the lemon purée and continue whipping.


Remove the crunchy bases from the silicone moulds.

Fill the oval-shaped savarin silicone moulds with the lemon bavarois and smooth over.

Cut out pieces of chocolate sponge which are 1 cm smaller than the silicone moulds.

Cover the lemon bavarois with the chocolate sponge pieces.

Put in the freezer.

Remove the lemon bavarois from the moulds.

Place on top of the crunchy base and fill the hole in the lemon bavarois cakes with the papaya compote.


Garnish with a chocolate decoration and some yellow jelly.

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