Green Forest

Hazelnutmousse with pistachio cream

Dessert Dinner Evening


Short crust

166 g almond powder

313 g potato starch

1084 g flour

542 g icing sugar

572 g Debic Traditional butter

316 g eggs

10 g salt

Hazelnut mousse

140 g milk

400 g Debic Stand & Overrun

200 g milk chocolate 41%

200 g pure hazelnut paste

6 g gelatin powder

30 g water

Pistachio cream

239 g Debic Stand & Overrun

70 g pistachio nuts

0,5 pcs vanilla pod

47 g sugar

70 g yolks

2 g gelatin powder

10 g water

Green herbs jelly

262 g water

500 g lemon juice

532 g sugar

11 g pectin yellow

2 g gelatin powder

10 g water

70 g fresh basil

50 g fresh mint

40 g fresh coriander

Joconde sponge

110 g almond powder

10 g invert sugar

90 g icing sugar

150 g eggs

20 g Debic Traditional butter

80 g egg white

15 g sugar

30 g flour

2 pcs lemon zest

Green bubble chocolate

300 g tempered white chocolate

QS green and yellow coloring

30 g oil


Short crust

Mix the soft butter with the icing sugar.

Make a mixture of the dry matter. Mix 1/3 of the

dry matter with the butter and poor 1/3 of the eggs, do this 2 more times, do not over mix.

Place in the fridge.

Roll out the dough at 2mm, bakes at 150˚C for about 18 minutes.

Hazelnut mousse

Hydrate the gelatin in the water.

Whip the cream.

Heat the milk, add the gelatin and poor over the chocolate.

Mix well and add the hazelnut paste.

At 35˚C fold in the whipped cream.

Pistachio cream

Hydrate the gelatin in the water. Heat the cream, vanilla and sugar.

Poor halve of it on the yolks, mix and poor back in the pan with the other halve, heat till 85˚C.

Strain the preparation, add the gelatin and mix with the hand blender.

Blend the pistachio nuts toa paste and add to the cream. Poor in the mold and add 6 halves of Amarena cherry.



Pour the pistachio cream in a ring of 6 cm diameter, 5 mm high add the Amarena cherry pieces and place in the freezer.

Poor a thin layer of green herbs jelly on the pistachio cream, add a disc of joconde sponge and place in the freezer.

In a silicon mold poor the hazelnut mousse, place the pistachio/ herbs insert inside, cover with hazelnut mousse and place in the freezer.



Pulverize on a guitar sheet tempered white cocoa butter, spray on fern leafs to get the pattern.

When the cocoa butter is crystalized, cover with a thin layer of tempered white chocolate with green coloring.

When it starts to crystalize, cut squares and roll on a tube and leave to crystalize.

Pulverize the petit gateaux with a mixture of 50% white chocolate 50% cocoa butter.

Place the decoration on a green bubble chocolate on the petite gateau.