Mousse of sea lettuce

A classic mousse with sour cream and sea lettuce

Debic Mousse Sea lettuce


För 30 portioner


400 ml Debic Cream 35%

400 g sour cream

400 g sea lettuce

12 g gelatin



Soak the gelatin in ice water and rinse the sea lettuce under cold water.

Heat the sour cream, mix with the sea lettuce and mix into a fine purée in the blender.

Add the gelatin and pass through a fine sieve. Place on ice water.

Beat the whipped cream to soft peaks, add add a small portion of the cream to sea lettuce and gelatin mixture.

Mix to a homogeneous mass.


Fold in the remaining cream with a spatula and portion into the 3D moulds.

Leave to set in the refrigerator and freeze at a minimum of -20°C.

Allow to thaw in the refrigerator.


Garnish with a seaweed salad, wasabi cream, seaweed crackers and furika.

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