Mousse of serrano ham

A classic mousse based on Serrano ham stock

Debic Mousse Serrano ham


För 30 portioner

Serrano stock

1500 ml water

100 g sliced onion

5 g garlic

100 ml white wine

400 g Serrano ham trimmings

1 g thyme leaves

1 g rosemary


300 ml Debic Cream 35%

700 ml Serrano ham stock

14 g gelatin

6 g salt


Serrano stock

Soak the gelatin in ice water.

Soften the onion together with the garlic, the rosemary, the thyme and the ham trimmings in olive oil.

Deglaze with white wine and reduce to half.

Add the water and leave gently cook for 4 hours.

Pass through a cheese cloth and reduce to 700 ml.

Add the pre-soaked gelatin and place on ice water.


Whip the cream into soft peaks, add a small portion of the cream to the stock mixture.

Mix to a homogeneous mass.

Fold in the remaining cream with a spatula.

Season with salt.


Portion into the 3D moulds.

Leave to set in the refrigerator and freeze at a minimum of -20°C.


Garnish with dried Serrano ham, micro basil and parsley.

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