Panna cotta with black sesame

Recipe for 10 people

Dinner Evening Ruben Somers


För 10 portioner

Black sesame Panna Cotta

500 g Debic Cream 40%

30 g sugar

50 g white chocolate

70 g black sesame paste

3 g gelatin leaves

Candied fennel

600 g sugar

1000 g water

10 ml lemon juice

1 star anise

1 fennel

Granny Smith sorbet

5 Granny Smith apples

2 g sorrel

500 ml sugar syrup

10 ml lemon juice

Caramelized white chocolate

200 g white chocolate

Lemon jelly

50 ml lemon juice

50 ml sugar syrup

1.6 g agar-agar

Black sesame chocolate mousse

250 g white chocolate

40 g cacao butter

70 g black sesame paste


Bronze fennel leaves

100 g fresh cottage cheese


Group 1

For the panna cotta mix the Debic Cream 40%, white chocolate, sugar and black sesame paste together, leave the gelatin leaves aside.

Let it boil and then cool down briefly before adding the soaked gelatin leaves.

Divide the panna cotta in silicone shapes and let it set in the cooling.

Let it become hard in the freezer to make it easier to remove from the silicone shapes.

Make for the candied fennel a syrup with water, sugar, lemon juice and the star anise.

Blanche the whole fennel until it's half cooked.

Leave the fennel simmer in the syrup on low heat, when cooked leave it in the syrup to cool down.

Cut the fennel in the fine slats.

Remove clock house from the apples but don't peel them.

Mix all the ingredient until a smooth mixture.

Divide the mixture over the Pacojet-containers and freeze them.

Turn the mixture into a sorbet and after that divide into the desired shapes.

Keep in the freezer.

Divide the pieces of white chocolate over the silicon pat and bake in a preheated oven on 180˚C.

Stir regularly with a fork until the chocolate forms brown clusters.

Boil for the lemon jelly the lemon juice together with the sugar syrup.

Add the agar-agar and let it set in the refrigerator.

Melt the chocolate au bain-marie with the cacao butter.

Add the sesame paste and let it cool down until 29˚C.

pour into a siphon bottle and aerate with two gas cartridges.

Set a small plastic cups into a big bin with ice water an place this into the vacuum machine.

Fill the small plastic cups with the chocolate of the siphon bottle, close the vacuum machine and wait until the chocolate has reached the edge of the cup.

When the chocolate has reached the edge stop the vacuum machine immediately.

Keep the chocolate in the freezer.


Place the panna cotta on the center of the plate.

Place the sorbet on top of it and decorate with small tufts of the lemon jelly and cottage cheese.

Finish with the candied fennel, caramelized chocolate, chocolate mouse and bronze fennel leaves.