Sea lettuce mousse

With our Debic Creme 35%

Appetizer Dinner Evening


Sea lettuce mousse

400 ml Debic 35%

400 g Campina Sour Cream

400 g Laitue de mer

12 g Gelatine


Sea lettuce mousse

Soak the gelatine in ice-cold water and rinse the sea lettuce.

Heat the sour cream and mix with the lettuce in the blender until smooth.

Add the pre-soaked gelatine and pass through a fine sieve.

Put on ice-cold water.

Beat the whipping cream to yoghurt thickness, add a small portion to the set mixture and mix until smooth.

Fold in the remaining cream and fill the silicone moulds.

Leave to set in the refrigerator and freeze in the blast chiller to at least -20°C to be able to turn them out easily.


Garnish with seaweed salad, wasabi crème, seaweed cracker and furikake.