Spring Breeze

Aerated sablé with sea buckthorn jelly, lactée caramel crémeux and passion fruit & mango glaze

Marshmallow Yoghurt mousse Glaze


För 24 portioner

Aerated sablé

200 g Debic Brioche Butter

200 g sugar

200 g wheat flour

200 g eggs

2 g baking powder

1 orange, the zest

Sea buckthorn jelly

350 g sea buckthorn purée

150 g apricot purée

50 g multiflower honey

5 gelatin sheets

2 drops of kumquat extract

Lactée Caramel crémeux

400 g Debic Végétop

50 g egg yolks

2.5 gelatin sheets

210 g Lactée Caramel chocolate

Yoghurt mousse

300 g yoghurt

100 g powder

30 g lemon juice

6 gelatin sheets

550 g Debic Végétop (whipped)

Passion fruit & mango glaze

150 g water (1)

300 g glucose

300 g sugar

200 g passion fruit purée

20 g gelatin powder

120 g water (2)

300 g white chocolate

1 g yellow colouring

Orange marshmallow

32 g gelatin powder

190 g orange juice

100 g water (1)

450 g sugar

480 g glucose

90 g water (2)

yellow colouring


Aerated sablé

Whip the butter with the sugar.

Add the eggs one by one.

Mix with the flour and baking powder.

Bake in a round baking tin at 200°C.

Sea buckthorn jelly

Make a jelly then add the extract.

Pour into silicone moulds and freeze.

Lactée Caramel crémeux

Make a crème anglaise with the Végétop and the egg yolks.

Add the soaked gelatin and mix well.


Yoghurt mousse

Heat the yoghurt to 40°C.

Add the lemon juice and the soaked gelatin.

Combine with the whipped cream in two steps.

Passion fruit & mango glaze

Boil the sugar, water (1) and glucose.

Add the passion fruit purée and gelatin mass.

Pour on to the chocolate, add water (2), the yellow colouring and emulsify with a hand mixer.

Leave to set for 24 hours.

Orange marshmallow

Hydrate the gelatin in the water (1) and the orange juice.

Boil the water (2) with the sugar and the glucose to 115 -118°C.

Add the gelatin mass and the yellow colouring.

Whip the preparation in a Hobart on medium speed to cool down.

Pipe the marshmallow preparation on a tray, previous covered with a baking sheet, dusted with icing sugar.

Leave to dry for minimum 24 hours.


Pour the mousse into the moulds.

Push the frozen sea buckthorn jelly and crémeux into the middle.

Close with the sablé base and freeze.

Glaze the frozen mousse.


Decorate with marshmallow, kumquat fruit and hemisphere cut out from chocolate.

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