Winter Cod

Recipe for 10 people

Main course Dinner Evening


För 10 portioner

Fillet of winter cod

2 kg winter cod with skin

200 ml clarified butter

White wine sauce


Potato brunoise

5 chip potatoes

250 ml Debic Cream 35%



Fillet of winter cod

Divide the winter cod into equal portions of 200 grams.

Fry on the skin side and cook in the oven for a further five minutes at 180°C.

White wine sauce

Stew the shallots and the mushroom stalks in the Debic Roast & Fry.

Quench with white wine.

Add the Debic Cream 35% and reduce.

Bind with rice flour.

Mount with the cold butter just before serving.


Cut out nice rings from the celeriac.

Blanch and then sear them on the teppanyaki.

Flame them briefly before serving.

Potato brunoise

Dice the potatoes.

Blanch briefly.

Reduce the Debic Cream 35% and mix in the potato brunoise.

Season to taste.


Remove the peas from the pods.

Leave one whole pod per person.

Blanch the peas and mix with the clarified butter.

Fold the whole pods open gently and finish with the wasabi flowers.

Wild garlic oil

Mix all ingredients together to form a lovely oil.

The spinach will create a beautiful green colour.

Pour the oil through a muslin cloth and store in a squeeze bottle.


Arrange the celeriac ring on the plate.

Fill the inside with the potato brunoise and the peas.

Place the winter cod on top.

Pour the white-wine sauce around the celeriac and dribble the wild garlic oil over the top.

Arrange the pea pod alongside it.

Finish with fresh wild garlic leaves and the herring caviar.