Xmas spices

An inspirational recipe for the festive season.

Dessert Mousse mandarin


Mandarin jelly

Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water.

Mix the mandarin coulis and sugar and heat to 50°C.

Add the soaked gelatin and cool to room temperature.

Almond cream

Melt the panna cotta and mix with the almond paste and yoghurt.

Store in the refrigerator.

Place the verrines in an egg rack and fill with almond cream. Put in the freezer. Once set, add the jelly. Leave to set again in the freezer.

Almond praline

Roast the almonds in a frying pan, add salt and caramelise with sugar.

Chocolat cream

Whip the chocolate cream until light and airy and add on top of the jelly.

Store the verrines in the refrigerator.


Decorate with almond praline and clean-cut mandarin segment.