Cheese with thyme croquettes

Serves 40 croquettes

Debic Croquette Salpicon


För 40 portioner


650 ml vegetable stock

10 g thyme

19 g natrium citrate

500 g Emmentaler cheese, grated

500 g Parmesan cheese, grated


300 g flour

400 ml egg whites

500 g breadcrumbs


Cheese with thyme croquettes

Heat the stock and infuse with the thyme for 5 minutes.

Add the melting salt and dissolve it in the stock.

Mix the cheeses with each other and add, stirring little by little, over medium heat.

Stir into a homogeneous mass with a whisk and pour directly into silicone moulds or pan sheet.

Cool back and cut into the desired shape.

Cover with flour, dip into egg whites and cover with breadcrumbs.

Deep fry the croquettes at 180°C in neutral vegetable oil or fat and serve immediately.

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