Potato croquettes with green herbs

Serves 30 croquettes

Debic Croquette Salpicon


För 30 portioner

Mash potato filling

1 kg potato

100 g Debic Traditional Butter

3 eggs

200 g green herb powder

salt, white pepper


300 g flour

400 ml protein

500 g panko bread crumbs


Potato croquettes

Boil the potatoes and purée into a smooth mash.

Add the cream, butter and eggs.

Season to taste with white pepper, salt and the green herb powder.

Transfer to a piping bag and portion into long strips onto a sheet pan.

Freeze and cut into equal pieces.

Roll the purée first in the flour, dip into beaten egg white and bread in the panko.

Fry the croquettes at 180°C in neutral vegetable oil or fat and serve immediately.