Creamy drop cakes

Creamy biscuit
with salted caramel,
vanilla crumble,
and raspberry coulis

Salted caramel Shortbread Vanilla crumble


För 4 portioner


60 g Debic Brioche Butter

270 g Debic Stand & Overrun

1 g salt

140 g egg yolks

70 g caster sugar

75 g flour

180 g egg whites

65 g caster sugar

Salted butter caramel

165 g Debic Stand & Overrun

1 g vanilla pod

75 g caster sugar

25 g water

15 g glucose

40 g egg yolks

1 g salt

14 g gelatin

Vanilla crumble

30 g Debic Brioche Butter

30 g brown sugar

30 g almond powder

1/2 vanilla pod

30 g flour

15 g white chocolate

Smooth vanilla cream

150 g Debic Stand & Overrun

100 g milk

2 vanilla pods

75 g egg yolks

100 g caster sugar

62 g gelatin

390 g Debic Stand & Overrun, whipped

Raspberry coulis

125 g raspberry purée

20 g caster sugar

14 g gelatin

White icing

15 g potato starch

90 g water

360 g caster sugar

180 g Debic Stand & Overrun

135 g glucose

65 g milk powder

88 g gelatin

90 g neutral glaze

55 g grapeseed oil



Add the cream and salt to the butter.

Beat the egg yolks with the sugar.

Beat the egg whites with the sugar.

Mix everything with the beaten egg whites and the sieved flour.

Spread onto a 40 x 60 cm baking sheet and bake at 160°C for 18 minutes.

Salted butter caramel

Heat the cream with the grated vanilla.

Cook the sugar, water, salt and glucose into a light-coloured caramel.

Lower the temperature by adding the warm vanilla cream.

Add the egg yolks and poach at 85°C.

Add the gelatin and blend.

Pour into inserts.

Vanilla crumble

Mix all the ingredients together and bake the crumble at 160°C for 12 minutes.

Take out of the oven and mix with the white chocolate while hot, then leave to cool.

Smooth vanilla cream

Heat the cream with the milk and vanilla.

Blanch the egg yolks with the sugar and cook with the milk mixture at 85°C.

Add the gelatin.

Leave to cool then mix in the whipped cream.

Use immediately.

Raspberry coulis

Melt the sugar in a little warm raspberry purée.

Add the gelatin and the rest of the purée, blend and use.

White icing

Boil the starch diluted with cold water to 103°C and add the sugar, cream, glucose and milk powder

Add the gelatin, the glaze and the oil.

Mix with a hand blender and use at 31°C.


Make an insert with the salted butter caramel cream and raspberry coulis.

Freeze, take out of the mould then glaze with the white icing and decorate with the crumble.

Place on a shortbread base.