Modern Paris-Brest

Cream puff with raspberry mousse and jelly

Cream puffs Craquelin Jelly


Cream puffs

500 g Water

350 g Debic Brioche Butter

300 g eggs

300 g flour

150 g egg whites

8 g salt


130 g fine crystal sugar

130 g flour

100 g g Debic Brioche Butter

0,5 g red dye

Raspberry jelly

700 g sugar

450 g raspberry pulp

350 g glucose

300 g water

100 g sugar

20 g pectin for jellies

20 g citric acid solution (50/50)

Raspberry mousse

500 g raspberry pulp

500 Debic 35% White

250 g Italian meringue

15 g powdered gelatin (hydrated with 75 g cold water)


Chocolate discs

Debic Stand & Overrun


Cream puffs

Heat water, butter and salt until it comes to a boil.

Add flour all at once and cook until the mixture reaches 92°C. Cool at 60 - 65°C, put in planetary mixer at medium-high speed and slowly add the eggs and then the egg white.

Mix until a creamy mass is obtained, translucent and smooth.

Dress the cream puffs on micro-perforated mats inside in a diameter steel ring (18 cm) so to obtain a crown shape.

Place on each puff a small disc of red craquelin.

Bake in a ventilated oven at 180°C for about 25 to 30 minutes, with the valve closed for the first 15 to 18 minutes.


Mix all ingredients in planetary mixer with the leaf.

Store in the fridge at 4°C.

Spread between 2 sheets of acetate 40x60.


Cut discs of the same diameter as the cream puffs.

Keep discs in freezer.

Raspberry jelly

Mix the pectin with the sugar.

Add the fruit pulp with the water and boil the boil everything.

Add the rest of the sugar and glucose and cook at 105°C.

Incorporate the citric acid solution.

Mix everything quickly and pour into a steel frame.

Raspberry mousse

Heat one third of the raspberry pulp with the previously hydrated gelatine to 50°C.

Add the other part of the pulp.

Gradually incorporate the liquid part into the whipped meringue, then lighten with cream Debic 35% White previously whipped glossy.


Cut the cream puffs horizontally, dress the raspberry jelly.

With a sac à poche fitted with a sultana nozzle for romias, cover with Debic Stand & Overrun sweetened.

Fill the inside of the cavities with the raspberry mousse.


Close with the top of the crown and decorate with spikes of cream Debic Stand & Overrun and chocolate discs.

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