My grandfather's potato soup

My grandfather's potato soup with potato chips and mushroom duxelles

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Clément Bouvier



För 4 portioner


200 g potatoes

2 carrots

1 stalk celery

1 stalk chervil

1 stalk of parsley

1 clove of garlic

100 g Debic butter

30 g whole milk

2 l water

70 g Debic Stand & Overrun

Almond cream

220 g Debic Stand & Overrun

50 g almond powder

Mushroom duxelles

20 g thick fresh cream

20 g truffles

200 g brown mushrooms

30 g Debic butter


100 g dehydrated mushrooms

Potato chips

100 g potatoes



Peel 200 g of potatoes, the garlic clove, carrots and celery stalks.

Pour these ingredients into a saucepan, adding the chervil and parsley and wet to the level of the water with about 2 L of water.

Leave to cook for about 1 hour.

Strain and set aside the potatoes.

Put the potatoes, butter, remaining Debic Stand & Overrun, milk, almond cream together in a saucepan.

Bring to the boil and cook for 10 min without stopping stirring. Blend, then adjust the creaminess and seasoning to your taste.

Almond cream

Almond cream : Boil 150 g of Debic Stand & Overrun then add the almond powder.

Cover and leave to infuse for 20 minutes.

Potato chips

Arrange the potato discs between two silpat and dry them in the oven for 1 hour at 120°C.

Mushroom duxelles

Cut 150 g mushrooms into duxelles. Using a mandolin, cut slices of truffles (about 1 mm), cut off 1.5 cm discs and chop the remaining truffles.

In a frying pan, sweat the mushrooms with a butter chunk.

After cooking, gather the mushrooms and truffles with a tablespoon of thick fresh cream, mix.

Mushroom powder

Mix the dehydrated mushrooms.


Using a mandolin, cut the remaining mushrooms into strips (approx.

2 mm) and then cut off 1.5 cm discs.


Arrange three discs of mushrooms harmoniously on the edges of the plate sprinkled halfway up.

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