Debic desserts for takeaway

With the closure of their businesses due to the corona crisis, restaurants all over Europe were forced to think and act creatively to ensure the necessary income. Many of them reacted with inventive solutions, such as takeaway and home delivery options for their dishes, including their desserts. And now takeaway is here to stay.

Debic desserts for takeaway

Desserts in 1, 2, 3

To cater to their clients, chefs are looking for desserts that can be served both in disposable, sustainable packaging and on a plate. As a true ‘partner in cream’ Debic is helping them out with the takeaway dessert concept. This formula, which uses the Debic dessert range, offers easy to prepare creations chefs can add their own personal touches to. The Debic Dessert range combines a fresh, home-made taste and professional quality with extreme ease of use. This means that all creations can be prepared in a maximum of steps and with just a small team. An added advantage is that the prep is the same for both takeaway and restaurant.

How does it work?
Start with a classic dessert base from the Debic dessert range, such as Debic Chocolate Mousse, Debic Panna Cotta, Debic Parfait or Debic Tiramisù.

  1. Whisk or heat according to the instructions and pour in the desired mould.
  2. Refrigerate or freeze.
  3. Finish with a sauce, decoration or pieces of fruit. The options are endless so use your own imagination.

The Debic dessert range does not only present a multitude of possibilities, it also saves time and money. One litre can easily yield 15 portions and the ease of use helps win valuable time.

Takeaway is here to stay

Now that customers are used to takeaway options, many business owners might be sticking to them, even now after reopening. Especially as social distancing rules are significantly lowering the number of actual customers on terraces and in restaurants. The Debic takeaway dessert concept is ideal in all circumstances. 

  • Offer ready-made dessert options in disposable containers.
  • Provide more ‘pimped out’ versions too, including ingredients to finish desserts at home. Think crumbles, meringue and sauces. Do not forget to add instructions or illustrations so your customers know exactly what to do.
  • How about a complete dessert buffet for 2 or 4 people? Your prep will be the same, so your yield will be even higher.

Tips & tricks

  • Use disposable containers made from sustainable materials such as bamboo and corn. Customers are increasingly looking for sustainable options.
  • Print your logo on your packaging: an extra marketing tool.
  • Communicate about your takeaway options through social media and/or flyers.
  • Convenience is key: consider starting a webshop if you don’t have one yet. It will facilitate online ordering and boost your business.
  • Offer clients something extra, such as a free topping or a fidelity card. The perfect way to build customer loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising.

Trusted Debic quality

Professional quality, a fresh, home-made flavour, a guaranteed perfect end result and hygienic, easy to use packaging: the Debic dessert range has it all. And the classic flavours offer countless options for creative and delicious desserts.

Debic Chocolate Mousse

  • Easy to whip: less than 10 minutes.
  • Easy to pipe in any container.
  • Stable and firm in all (transportation) circumstances.

Debic Panna Cotta

  • Fresh taste and smooth texture.
  • Ideal in combination with seasonal fruits.

TIP: Adding some extra gelatin helps create a perfect, stable shape.

Debic Parfait

  • Ideal for making ice cream without an ice cream machine.
  • Perfect for ice desserts or mousses: defrosting a creation gives a beautiful mousse.

Debic Tiramisù

  • One of the top sellers on any dessert menu.
  • Authentic, Italian flavour.
  • The perfect base for adding flavourings such as liqueur, vanilla, fruit purees.

The cost price per portion (disposable packaging included) averages around €1.25. Offering larger portions for 2 to 4 people will even lower this cost price.

Get a taste with these delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes.

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