Caramel Pecan

Choux dough with craquelin, italian buttercream with pecan, and caramel sauce

Ambassador Frank Haasnoot Pastry

Frank Haasnoot

Pastry chef


For 20 servings

Choux dough with craquelin

25 g low-fat powdered milk

146 g Debic Butter Constant (1)

5 g salt

6 g sugar

176 g flour (1)

321 g egg

321 g water

200 g Debic Butter Constant (2)

250 g brown sugar

250 g flour (2)

Italian buttercream with pecan

45 g water

180 g sugar

120 g egg white

240 g Debic Butter Constant

216 g pecan nut paste 100%

Caramel sauce

333 g sugar

665 g Debic Stand & Overrun

2 g salt

Vanilla cream

601 g Debic Stand & Overrun

1 Madagascar vanilla pod

1 Tahiti vanilla pod

60 g sugar

17 g gelatine mixture

120 g mascarpone


roasted finely chopped pecan nuts

fine chocolate decoration


Choux dough with craquelin

Bring the water together with the powdered milk, the salt, the sugar and the Debic Butter Constant (1) to the boil.

Add the flour (1) and stir well at a low temperature.

Put the mix into the beater-mixer and add the eggs in 3 goes.

Prepare the craquelin by thoroughly mixing the Debic Butter Constant (2), the brown sugar and the flour (2).

Roll out the dough to 2 mm thick and cut out 5 cm circles.

Pipe the choux dough in dollops.

Place a circle of the craquelin on top.

Bake the dough at 200°C with the door closed until it nicely rises.

Then lower the temperature of the oven to 160°C.

Italian buttercream with pecan

Bring the water with the sugar to the boil at 120°C.

Make an Italian meringue with the egg white and beat until fully cooled.

Beat the Debic Butter Constant with the pecan nut paste light and airy.

Add the butter in 3 parts to the meringue.

Caramel sauce

Caramelise the sugar.

Bring the cream to the boil and add to the caramel.

Add the salt and leave to cook for form a syrup.

Pass through the sieve.

Vanilla cream

Heat 1/4 of the Debic Stand & Overrun together with the vanilla pods and the sugar.

Melt the gelatine mixture in this.

Add the rest of the cream and the mascarpone.

Mix with a hand mixer and pass through the sieve.

Leave to stand in the refrigerator for 1 night.

Beat the vanilla cream light and airy and put into a piping bag with smooth nozzle.


Use a nozzle to make a hole in the bottom of the choux.

Pipe the caramel sauce inside.

Then pipe in the finely chopped pecan nuts and the buttercream.

Pipe a nice dot of vanilla cream on the choux.

Use an apple corer to make a channel in the cream.

Pour a little of the caramel sauce inside this channel.