Daniel Álvarez

Daniel Álvarez actually talks to his ingredients, taking ‘passion for your profession’ to a whole new level.


About Daniel

Although Daniel Álvarez is good at many things and he is fascinated by everything that has to do with chocolate, he is most famous for putting viennoiseries back on the map. The reason he did that is quite simple. "The first thing I do in the morning is have my croissant and a coffee with milk. If the croissant is good, I’m happy all day. If the croissant isn't right, well… In the end, I wanted to give the bakery the place it deserves instead of the little brother of the pastry shop." To share his knowledge, Daniel wrote a book about his creations called Sweet Devotion.

"Debic allows me to work with all kinds of technical butters. In addition, I can use them in a very hot bakery. I think that’s fantastic and a major, major advantage."
Daniel Álvarez, Dalua, Elche, Spain
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Daniel Álvarez