For 3 servings


800 g flour

400 g icing sugar

325 g hazelnut powder

7 g salt

500 g Debic Butter Croissant

160 g egg

Almond genoise

125 g eggs

80 g egg yolk

150 g almond powder

150 g sugar (1)

170 g egg white

100 g sugar (2)

100 g flour

Ruby cream

725 g Debic Duo

45 g sugar

42 g gelatin mass

160 g Ruby Chocolate

5 drops rose essence

Coconut bullets

225 g puree of coconut

25 g Malibu®

27 g sugar

48 g gelatin mass

235 g Debic Duo

Lychee-raspberry jelly

400 g drained lychees (1 can)

35 g rose water

375 g raspberry puree

130 g sugar

15 g pectin NH

10 g lemon juice

Crispy coconut

70 g grated coconut

75 g white chocolate

200 g sesame pasta

70 g rice crispies

70 g feuilletine

Mousse with white chocolate

450 g milk

2 limes, the zests

75 g egg yolk

4 g gelatin powder

20 g water

425 g White chocolate Velvet

700 g Debic DUO



Mix the dry ingredients with the butter clumps to a powdery mix. Add the eggs and finish the dough. Wrap and leave to cool in the refrigerator. Laminate at 2,5 mm and bake at 165°C during 15-17 minutes.

Almond genoise

Beat the eggs, egg yolk, almond powder and sugar (1). Simultaneously beat the egg white with the sugar. combine and fold in the flour. Spread on a baking tray, covered with a baking sheet. Bake at 230°C during 7 to 8 minutes.

Ruby cream

Heat 300 g of Debic Duo with the sugar. pour over the Ruby chocolate and add the gelatin mass. Mix with a hand blender and add the remaining cold Debic Duo.

Coconut bullets

Heat 1/3th of the puree and the sugar till 40°C. Melt together with the gelatin mass and mix in the rest of the puree. Fold in the semi whipped Debic Duo and fill round shaped silicon molds. Freeze. Unmold and roll in grated coconut.

Lychee-raspberry jelly

Drain the lychees for minimum 3 hours. Heat the puree to 40°C and add the pectin-sugar mix . bring to a boil for 2 minutes. Add the gelatin mass, the lemon juice and the rose water. Mix with the drained and chopped lychees and pour into small log molds. Freeze.

Crispy coconut

Roast the grated coconut in a Tefalpan®. Mix with the rest of the dry ingredients. Melt the white chcolate with the sesame pasta, combine.

Mousse with white chocolate

Zest de limes in the milk and leave to infuse for 45 minutes. Strain and heat with the egg yolk and sugar to 84°C ( anglaise). Add the gelatin mass, mix and pour over the white chocolate. Fold in the semi whipped Debic Duo. Spread over the 3 logs. And fill the rest in small ball shaped silicon molds.

Assembly and finish

Spread the crunch irregular on a layer of almond genoise, sprinkled with the drained lychee juice. Don’t press to hard to keep the crumble crispy. Start to fill the logs with the white chocolate mousse and bring in a second layer of genoise. Place the frozen jelly and fill further in with the mousse. Blast freeze before unmolding. Glaze the sides with a white glazing. Decorate with the frozen balls and the whipped Ruby cream. Place on a baked layer shortbread.