Alberto Gipponi

Restaurant Dina, Gussago, Italy

‘Head, heart, palate and hands must be aligned in order to find depth in what we offer.’


ABOUT Alberto

Alberto Gipponi’s restaurant Dina in the Italian town of Gussago has been described in the media as ‘an author’s kitchen’. ‘I appreciate that description,’ says Alberto. Alberto studied sociology, was a musician and teacher for a short while and then embarked on a career as a social worker. ‘But my obsession with cooking always came to the fore. At least once a month, I ate out at an excellent restaurant. But I had to learn to allow my hands to create what I could already taste in my mind, in my soul and with my palate.’ At the age of 35, he turned his obsession into his profession. He completed several internships in Italy and opened his restaurant Dina in November 2017. His restaurant has not yet received a Michelin star. ‘That was a major goal for a number of years; now I’ve let it go. A star would mean national and international recognition, including for our sustainable initiatives. Awards grant authority. But regardless of this, I will continue on my chosen path.’

‘A person with the right attitude can become an excellent professional.’
Alberto Gipponi, Restaurant Dina Gussago, Italy