Sidney Schutte

Spectrum**, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"I find inspiration in my travels. Sometimes you taste a spice that just blows your mind."


ABOUT Sidney

When asked to describe his style, Sidney smiled. "I like to make combinations that make people say 'Holy s**t, how did he make that work?' I like combinations that are out of the ordinary, like a white Mexican mole sauce with Dutch cheese to go with hare." It’s typical for a daredevil chef who likes to take his bike for a spin around the circuit. Wanting to be the best comes in handy on another level as well. His restaurant Spectrum is part of the luxurious Waldorf Astoria. "The owners wanted it to be the best hotel in the Netherlands, so expectations are high. But I’m used to that, so it doesn’t make me nervous."

"If there’s one thing I don’t take risks with, it’s my cream. That needs to be stable. For me, Debic is perfect, so I don’t need anything else. That’s the best reason, right?"
Sidney Schutte, Spectrum** Amsterdam, The Netherlands