Whole hare in white mole sauce

Kale cracker filled with juniper berry cream, sprout leaves, and kale shoots

100YEARS Ambassador Fish

Sidney Schutte



For 4 servings


3 fillets of whole hare

200 g light hare juice


200 g hare leg

1 egg

280 g Debic Cream 35%

10 ml brandy

3.5 g salt

Kale cracker

650 g water

140 g kale

150 g powdered tapioca

Juniper berry oil

1 l sunflower oil

25 g juniper berries, roasted in a warm pan

Juniper berry cream

100 g egg whites

85 g yoghurt

35 g white balsamic vinegar

280 g juniper berry oil

White mole sauce

1000 g chicken stock

120 g onion

2 tomatillos

1 star anise

½ cinnamon stick

50 g baguette

40 g almonds, peeled

1 sprig of thyme

200 g Debic Cream 35%

30 g white chocolate

5 g honey

15 g white sesame

1 pasilla pepper

1 ancho pepper

Sprout leaves & kale shoots

60 g sprout leaves

16 g kale shoots

300 g beurre noisette



Mix all the ingredients for the stuffing in the blender and rub through a fine sieve.

Transfer the stuffing to a piping bag and vacuum out the air.

Prepare two layers of plastic film, pipe on a little stuffing and spread with a palette knife.

Place two hare fillets on top and pipe on a little more stuffing. Cover the fillets with a thin layer of stuffing and then place the third fillet on top and cover with a little more stuffing. Roll tightly without leaving air bubbles. Poach in a vacuum at 58˚ C for 35 minutes.

Kale cracker

Mix all the ingredients in the thermoblender for 20 minutes at 90˚C.

Spread thinly on a silicone mat and leave to dry until it has partially hardened.

Cut into long pieces of 13x4 cm and leave to dry further.

Fry in hot oil at 200° C and salt immediately with smoked Maldon salt.

Juniper berry oil

Mix the ingredients and vacuum pack.

Leave to infuse for at least 48 hours at 50° C.

Juniper berry cream

Mix all the ingredients together with a hand mixer to make a cream.

White Mole sauce

Toast all dry ingredients on a fat-free plancha until golden brown.

Put the ingredients together in a pan (except the chocolate and the honey) and leave to brew for six hours.

Remove the spices and peppers and blend to make a smooth sauce, gently reduce to taste, then finish with the white chocolate and the honey.

Sprout leaves & kale shoots

Clean the sprouts so that you obtain nice leaves.

Fry half in beurre noisette until crispy and blanche the other half in water with thyme and bay leaf.

Repeat with the kale shoots.


Cut the vacuum-baked hare into four equal pieces and arrange on the plates.

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