Langoustine with verbena cream, salad of cockles, and razor shell with nasturtium

100YEARS Ambassador Fish

Sidney Schutte



For 10 servings


10 large langoustines

Verbena cream

40 g verbena

300 g Debic Cream 35%

lime juice

salt (1)

100 g egg whites

90 g yoghurt

30 g white balsamic vinegar

300 g verbena oil

1 lime, juice

salt (2)

Nasturtium juice

½ small crate  leaves

Potato soufflé

2 large potatoes

100 ml egg whites

40 g potato starch


300 g cockles

300 g razor shells

1 garlic clove

1 sprig of thyme

olive oil

25 g very fine raw celery brunoise

Verbena oil

80 g verbena

320 g sunflower oil



Slightly cold smoke the langoustines, cut into five pieces and flatten slightly under butcher’s cling film.

Verbena cream

Vacuum pack the verbena with the cream and leave to infuse for at least three days.

Pass through a fine sieve and season to taste with lime juice and a little salt.

Mix all the ingredients and emulsify with a hand mixer. Season to taste with salt and lime juice.

Pour into a siphon.

Nasturtium juice

Press the nasturtium leaves in the slow juicer and transfer to a siphon.

Potato soufflé

Cut the large potatoes into very thin slices and lay out on the worktop.

Brush half with egg white and sprinkle potato starch on the other half, then dust off with a dry brush.

Place one slice brushed with egg white on a slice of potato sprinkled with starch and cut out a circle that is as big as possible.

Soufflé these in the deep fryer at 180° C until crispy.

As soon as the soufflé comes out of the oil, cut with a sharp serrated knife to make an opening 2x2 cm.


Heat the oil in a pan and add the garlic and thyme.

Put the cockles and razor shells in the pan and add white wine.

Remove from the pan as soon as the shells open and leave to cool.

Remove the cockles and razor shells from their shells and clean.

Remove the innards from the cockles and cut the razor shells in 4 mm thick pieces.

Verbena oil

Mix the ingredients and leave to infuse in a vacuum pack for at least one week


Prepare the cockles and razor shells with a few spoons of cream and mix with the fine celery brunoise.

Finishing touch

Finish the dish with the nasturtium juice and the verbena oil.

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