Sylvain Marron

Pastry chef, Göteborg, Sweden

"Convenience is not my kind of market. I want people to come for me, because they love what I do."


ABOUT Sylvain

"We work with artisan chocolate and it’s changing all the time. So it’s more like working with wine. It’s a pain in the neck, but it’s a fun pain in the neck. It’s like driving a Porsche from the eighties; you get the raw speed, but not the ABS and other gadgets to help you to stay on the road." Sylvain Marron never takes the easy way out – not when he’s combining the Swedish and French patisserie traditions, and not when he’s making everything from scratch. He does like new technologies, though. "You have to know what you are doing with it, but if you do, you can make tradition better, actually."

"What is the power of Debic? For me, it’s the guarantee of quality. It’s always the same: the same volume, the same texture."
Sylvain Marron, Pastry chef Göteborg, Sweden
Sylvain Marron Pastry chef