Clément Bouvier

Ursus*, Tignes, France

"At Ursus, we are closed on Sunday so we can go skiing together and have drinks after service on Saturday."


ABOUT Clément

When he was only seventeen, Clément Bouvier left home to learn the craft at restaurants in New York and Shanghai. He then returned to France to work at La Bouitte for a couple of years. And only then he went home to Tignes-Val d’Isère where he took over a brasserie and turned it into a gastronomic paradise. The goal is clear for Clément: to honour the nature surrounding the restaurant. "I want people to feel like they are eating at a table in the midst of a magnificent forest, that’s the universe I tried to create here at Ursus." They did so successfully, winning Tignes’ first Michelin star last year.

"Cream is so very important. It’s absolutely one of the building blocks of French cuisine; it’s about indulgence. I could not do without it."
Clément Bouvier, Ursus* Tignes, France