Frank Haasnoot

‘Creativity is something you are either born with or not, but success is the result of talent, and more importantly, drive and passion.’



Originally, Frank Haasnoot wanted to become a cook, but after his grandmother urged him to do a two-year stint as a pâtissier, he was hooked. That he turned out to be one of the best, isn’t that big of a surprise. ‘Even when I was young, I always wanted to be the best; in school, in games, in drawing.’ For him, ‘being the best’ isn’t just about talent. ‘Sure, talent has something to do with it, but drive and passion are way more important.’ After winning a contest in the Netherlands, he worked high-end jobs in New York, Kuwait, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Ever since his return to the Netherlands, he has divided his time between master classes and consultancy jobs.

”For me, working with Debic is about trust. In my opinion, Debic is the best there is, and what’s more, they have different products for different techniques. It’s great to have that choice.”
Frank Haasnoot, Pastry chef