Leonardo Di Carlo

Pastry Concept, Conegliano, Italy

Leonardo Di Carlo is known as the ‘Alchemist of Pastry’, and there is little he doesn’t know about pastry. His greatest gift, though, is his ability to keep things simple.


ABOUT Leonardo

The Italian pastry chef and consultant Leonardo Di Carlo was part of the team that won the Pastry World Championship in 2004. Although he has earned the nickname of Alchemist of Pastry, he has a very unorthodox view of science in patisserie. ‘Science must be synonymous with simplicity, not complexity.’ In his own school Pastry Concept in Treviso, he tries to explain science as easy as possible. Only then can everyone grasp it and discover new things. What is also remarkable is his passion for classic chocolate cake, also known as Sachertorte, or a product like a brioche.

"I have worked with Debic and their products for many years, so I know them very well. They offer technical creams that are very versatile, with great taste."
Leonardo Di Carlo, Pastry Concept Conegliano, Italy